Hey, have you ever heard of a Modulin? It is a modular synthesizer that is played like a violin via ribbon controller. Created by Martin Molin from the band Wintergatan #genius. As soon as I ever heard and saw the Modulin I wanted to make one but had no idea how to go about it. Untill…

Martin released this video How does THE MODULIN work? – DIY Music Instrument and I got an idea, what about a raspberry pi?

Modular synthesizer.
So I started googling (raspberry pi modular synthesizer) and was introduced to the Moonbox project and Sunvox.

So now all I need is a ribbon controller, a frame and a modulation/pitch wheel.

Ribbon controller.
Finding a ready to go ribbon controller with the features I am looking for on a budget is a real trick. After much searching I found the one string project with was kickstarted and can be purchased in diy kit form or a ready to go at straytechnologies for around $100.

Now for the brain.
I went to my favorite computer store and got a raspberry pi 3 b a micro sd card and a 7in touch screen. i needed a case for it. As i was looking into cases to 3d print on thingiverse i saw a post on Instagram from Adafruit for their 7in Portable Raspberry Pi Multi-Touch Tablet. Perfect, exactly what I needed.

Pitch wheel/Modulation
For the modulation and pitch wheel i have been looking into parts and possibly a cheap keyboard with the features i need to hack into what i need. looking im thinking my best option for this would be to midiplus AKM320 midiplus MIDI Keyboard Controller. I will get one when i can and take it apart if I cant find a cheaper alternative.

Updates: March 25th 2017
As of today, i have the case printed and assembled with Rasbian with Sunvox for pi running on it and using a computer keyboard as the input, until I can get the one string and the modulation wheels.

Video Tests
Test 1
Test 2
Test 3

May 23rd 2017
I have made the frame installed the one String ribbon controller and mounted the raspberrypi and screen in the frame. i can get the Modulin to interface with garageband on my mac using some additional software to convert the midi over usb to a standard midi port. I have been having issues doing the same thing on the raspberry pi. My solution for now will be to use a midi to usb cable to convert the midi signal to something the pi can understand. I also started designing the front plate that will hold the volume and modulation wheels. I’m sure I will be going through multiple versions.

Modulin Test
Modulin Test 2