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Guitar Wall Hanger

If you are looking for an easy and fun way to show off your guitar collection, or just a single guitar then out guitar wall hanger is ideal for you. A minimally designed guitar wall hanger that will hold your guitar on any wall you install it on. Offering you a quick and instant solution to your guitar …


Vinyl Record Label Coasters

Our vinyl record label coasters offer an exact replica of a vinyl record player, so you can add your love for music in every aspect of your home. These minimally designed record label coasters ensure great use and comfort, with durability and unbreakable feature.


Piano Key Stickers

Playing the piano is a soothing and enlightening experience. However, learning how to play the piano is another story. Which is why we are offering you a complete piano key stickers set so you can label all your keys. Labeling the keys will enable you to keep a track of what notes you are playing, making it easier …


Portable Desktop Tripod – Flexible

The flexible portable desktop tripod is an octopus-inspired tripod that you can use with different devices. Its universal compatibility makes it the perfect solution for your indoor and outdoor shooting needs. Moreover, it’s compact size comes with a foldable feature making it ideal for individuals who are constantly on the go!

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Prime Day 2019

Prime Day 2019 Hey, Amazon Prime Day is Here (July 15 + 16). Get some of the best deals and sales of the year by shopping on Amazon. View All Prime Day Savings and Sales Read more…


The Jimmy Drone

Components Motors: x4 Frame: Camera: FPV Transmitter: Blades: Flight controller/Speed controller: Battery: or   Other things you might need Transmitter: Receiver: or Visor: or better visor:  

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