Happy new year! I ended the year with the parts for the left arm printed and dry fitted together.

Goals and progress for January:

I have received some old Futaba servos I will be using till I can get some high torque ones to replace, also I got the fishing line for the hands. I ordered cranberry red TPU filament and have decided to reprint the fingers so that they will grab and bend better. initial tests have been successful. I am thinking about printing all of the non structural parts in the TPU.

As of right now I am mounting the servos and reprinting the fingers in TPU, and stringing up the fishing line.

I will continue working on the left side of the robot. Working up from the arm to the bicep, and solder. Maybe February will be the month of the right arm??

Now that I have the left arm mostly complete I have to really dive into my robot lab. I have played around with it but have not been overly successful getting things to work. also i have not yet been successful in installing my robot lab on the raspberry pi, as this is going to be the brain this is an important dilemma. I guess I have to learn something. frown face.

Some other thoughts:

I have learned a little about conductive filaments and got the bug to experiment with integrating it with the inmoov. In the same way Robyn now has touch sensitive arm I could do up some dual extruded conductive arm pieces to create a more integrated touch system. these are just some ideas, first I have to get my printers dual extruder working and order some conductive filament.

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