Ashley Chappell Davis Featured on Space Rock Track

Ashley Chappell Davis wrote and preformed A Speck of Dust for the Album “My New Home” by Matt Davis and His Atomic Roller Skates which can be available now on all major music streaming services.  Check it out!



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Matt Davis and His Atomic Roller Skates Facebook Fan Page

Keep up on all the lastest news and music from Matt Davis and His Atomic Roller Skates on his Facebook fan page Matt Davis and His Atomic Roller Skates

From Columbus, Ohio, his music is a flavor of post-rock with a strong space-rock overtone. You will be encaptured by the memorable melodies and unique instrumentation.


Modulin – DIY with Raspberry pi and Sunvox

Hey, have you ever heard of a Modulin? It is a modular synthesizer that is played like a violin via ribbon controller. Created by Martin Molin from the band Wintergatan #genius. As soon as I ever heard and saw the Modulin I wanted to make one but had no idea how to go about it. Untill…

Martin released this video How does THE MODULIN work? – DIY Music Instrument and I got an idea, what about a raspberry pi?

Modular synthesizer.
So I started googling (raspberry pi modular synthesizer) and was introduced to the Moonbox project and Sunvox.

So now all I need is a ribbon controller, a frame and a modulation/pitch wheel.

Ribbon controller.
Finding a ready to go ribbon controller with the features I am looking for on a budget is a real trick. After much searching I found the one string project with was kickstarted and can be purchased in diy kit form or a ready to go at straytechnologies for around $100.

Now for the brain.
I went to my favorite computer store and got a raspberry pi 3 b a micro sd card and a 7in touch screen. i needed a case for it. As i was looking into cases to 3d print on thingiverse i saw a post on Instagram from Adafruit for their 7in Portable Raspberry Pi Multi-Touch Tablet. Perfect, exactly what I needed.

Pitch wheel/Modulation
For the modulation and pitch wheel i have been looking into parts and possibly a cheap keyboard with the features i need to hack into what i need. looking im thinking my best option for this would be to midiplus AKM320 midiplus MIDI Keyboard Controller. I will get one when i can and take it apart if I cant find a cheaper alternative.

Updates: March 25th 2017
As of today, i have the case printed and assembled with Rasbian with Sunvox for pi running on it and using a computer keyboard as the input, until I can get the one string and the modulation wheels.

Video Tests
Test 1
Test 2
Test 3

May 23rd 2017
I have made the frame installed the one String ribbon controller and mounted the raspberrypi and screen in the frame. i can get the Modulin to interface with garageband on my mac using some additional software to convert the midi over usb to a standard midi port. I have been having issues doing the same thing on the raspberry pi. My solution for now will be to use a midi to usb cable to convert the midi signal to something the pi can understand. I also started designing the front plate that will hold the volume and modulation wheels. I’m sure I will be going through multiple versions.

Modulin Test
Modulin Test 2


My Music plans for 2017

Hey all!

I have been failing when it comes to being creative with music recently. So I decided to set some goals for myself. My goal is to create 3 post-space rock albums. To achieve this I will spend a month writing for the first album then spend the next 5-6 months recording. (rinse and repeat) I will be documenting my progress on my new music youtube channel. (I would love for you to subscribe and give feedback)

Also I started a bandcamp page so I can make my albums avalable when they are done.

The albums will tell the story of a man on a journey to leave everything he knows behind to discover and settle a new planet.

The band name is Matt Davis A.H.A.R.S. and the first album will be self-titled.

matt davis ahars