Back in 2014 I got my Sk450. It came in a kit from hobbyking. ARF. With that purchase I ordered the deadcat frame, and a servo gimbal for an action camera and a couple batteries. I bought a used go pro on ebay and mounted it to the top. I didn’t know how to go about controlling the gimbal at first. over the past two years I have tweaked the settings. Added and upgraded, and now I have a really solid flying machine.

When I finally made the dead cat conversion, all of a sudden I was only getting 3 minute flights. i was used to 6-10 minutes. I didn’t know if my motors were wearing out or if something electrical was wrong. the first thing I did was order some large carbon fiber blades on amazon. this solved my problems with lift and flight time. I added a low battery alarm after one flight where I flew till I was out of battery and broke some stuff.

My first fpv flight was around my back yard on a snowy afternoon. The flight was a success but landing in the snow fried my kk2 board and my speed controllers. Parking me for a while, till parts could be ordered.

After this flight I looked into flashing the kk2 board, setting up the gimbal and extending the landing legs so that the gimbal wouldn’t touch the ground. Also when I added the gimbal to the copter I could no longer use the gopro for the fpv feed so I got a on board security camera. one advantage of a camera like this is it does very well in low lighting.

I have been flying when I can, which unfortunately is not as often as I would like. The sk450 dead cat is a great transition from toys to the real deal.

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SK450 upgrades

Here is a play list of my recorded flights.

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