Rode DSLR Microphone

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This portable mic can easily be mounted on your DSLR camera, record stable and clear audio and is a must have in your collection!

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Are you tired of covering patched, shaky, and distorted interviews? Wish to take a more convenient approach when taking on videos and sound? Are you looking for a professional mic upgrade? With the Rode DSLR microphone, you can easily record stable and clear audio. Here are eight features why you need a Rode DSLR microphone in your camera bag.


  1. Cover crystal clear sound coming from every direction.
  2. Light in weight and easy to handle.
  3. Comes with a noise cancelation feature that focuses on the sound that matters.
  4. A two-step high pass foam filter to cut down on distortion and wind sound.
  5. Powered by a Rycote suspension system.
  6. Can easily be attached to any standard camera shoe.
  7. Powerful capsule ensures a higher sensitivity and lower noise ratio.
  8. Comes with an integrated shock mounting.

This portable mic can easily be mounted on your DSLR camera and comes with a lightweight and easy to carry design. Additionally, it’s approachable design does not get in your way, and offers to catch a more stable sound. Regardless of where you are, you will be able to cut down on noise around you or at a distance, and simply focus on the sound that matters. The frame at the bottom of the mic ensures a stable hold while offering the mic the ideal platform that is out of your personal space.

It’s durable and reliable body comes with a double foam filter which helps eliminate most unwanted noises. While absorbing the sound coming directly towards the mic. Along with an easy connection, and shock resistant body. Making the rode DSLR microphone a must have in your collection!


  • Material: Plastic & Alloy
  • Filter: Foam
  • Connection: 3.5mm Wired
  • Style: Hanging Mic
  • Compatibility: Universal Mini Plug
  • Type: Single Microphone

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