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August Project Podcast update.

whoa! It has been a while. This is a podcast style video to give you all an update on what i have been up to project wise.

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3D printed headphones that rock!

I have had these studio sony headphones that were a little worse for wear. I hung on to them cause the guts were still in great condition. This last weekend I decided I was going to fix them up. I had the ear pads from a $5 pair of headphones my kids have long since destroyed. Thanks to CarryTheWhat and their design my old headphones now have a new life.

This project was an easy print. The assembly was fairly simple. Everything fit together great. I only had to slightly modify the earcups so i wouldn’t have to desolder and resolder the wires.


Bulbasaur hand painted planter for sale on etsy.

check out this 3d printed hand painted Bulbasaur that I have for sale on my Etsy.


Welcome to

Hey,  welcome to!

10360364_822625591189836_8782998238526671670_nThis website has really changed over the years. It started out as a place to display my projects. But as my experiences change, so does my website. It has evolved into a more of a blog space.

I went to school for graphic design. My wife and kids have always challenged me to be the best I can be. I went from stocking potato chips to driving a school bus to finally landing a job in the design business. This path has really challenged me to grow in my creative and technical skills, and has allowed me to expand my talents. I’m grateful for the opportunity to provide graphic and video services to clients all over central Ohio.

Thank you for taking the time to browse my website.

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Sk450 Deadcat quad project

Back in 2014 I got my Sk450. It came in a kit from hobbyking. ARF. With that purchase I ordered the deadcat frame, and a servo gimbal for an action camera and a couple batteries. I bought a used go pro on ebay and mounted it to the top. I didn’t know how to go about controlling the gimbal at first. over the past two years I have tweaked the settings. Added and upgraded, and now I have a really solid flying machine.

When I finally made the dead cat conversion, all of a sudden I was only getting 3 minute flights. i was used to 6-10 minutes. I didn’t know if my motors were wearing out or if something electrical was wrong. the first thing I did was order some large carbon fiber blades on amazon. this solved my problems with lift and flight time. I added a low battery alarm after one flight where I flew till I was out of battery and broke some stuff.

My first fpv flight was around my back yard on a snowy afternoon. The flight was a success but landing in the snow fried my kk2 board and my speed controllers. Parking me for a while, till parts could be ordered.

After this flight I looked into flashing the kk2 board, setting up the gimbal and extending the landing legs so that the gimbal wouldn’t touch the ground. Also when I added the gimbal to the copter I could no longer use the gopro for the fpv feed so I got a on board security camera. one advantage of a camera like this is it does very well in low lighting.

I have been flying when I can, which unfortunately is not as often as I would like. The sk450 dead cat is a great transition from toys to the real deal.

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SK450 upgrades

Here is a play list of my recorded flights.


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Quad-copters for beginners

I have been brain storming on doing a series on quad-copters (drones)

some of the things i will cover:

what copter to start with:

Syma X1 and the Dromida easy to learn – rugged – cheap


Syma  X5SW FPV with camera and wifi

Intermediate – Advanced

fcc registration

how to fly

getting started in fpv

how to track your crashes



Rover with Robotic Arm – 3d printed – Raspberry Pi – Wiimote controlled

I have been working on this project as a way to get my kids thinking about robotics/ programming and 3D printing. plus who doesn’t want a little rover to drive around and pick stuff up from the couch!

Goals of the project:

Wireless rover that can be controlled remotely and eventually off site via web camera.

The robot:

The rover is a print of donboy’s Autonomous-Webserved-Tanktrack-Robot on

The code:

Coding and set up found in these tutorials on

WiiMote Controlled Servos with RaspberryPi by CyprienA

Raspberry Pi and Wiimote controlled Robot Arm by Boardmaster

and Make OWI Robotic Arm self propelled on tracks controlled wirelessly by the Wii controller and Raspberry Pi by Gerald Strope


Step 1 – Printing
the parts were printed in orange and light blue PLA.
Step 2 – Hardware
the servos were old servos that were gathering dust in my fathers basement.
Step 3 – Mounting/Assembly
i did everything i could to avoid screws, most everything was put together using filament rivets


the brain – deciding how to run and control this rover has taken a decent amount of planning. i started with an arduino nano, but when it came time to control it i struggled to find a ideal/cheap configuration. i came to the realization that a raspberry pi would be a better approach.

Programming – as i am not really a programmer it has been difficult to get things working. i had a basic loop running on the arduino originally but for now once i switched to the pi he has been dead.

I have been working on getting pwm working with the raspberry pi here is my progress as of Febuary 4th 2016

I will continue to update on my progress as things progress.


Live stream of my 3d printer

Check out the live stream of the printing here.
Warning! (this is a live stream of my printer it might not always be printing depending on supplies and my time)