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Neewer Professional Camera Rail System


This professional camera rail system is designed to help you achieve smooth movements when covering professional videography and photography.



Find it hard to manage stable shots? Tired of shaky images and videos? Looking to add a professional touch to your images and videos? Our Neewer professional camera rail system features a two-way slider. This sturdy and durable slider is manufactured using premium grade materials and comes with stability that will leave you astonished. Listed below are a number of amazing features the rail system has to offer.


  1. It’s U-shaped ball bearings are placed under the slider to ensure minimum abrasion and smooth motion.
  2. A high-grade system that ensures great carriage and constant support.
  3. Manage perfect speed and movement with a professional camera rail system.
  4. Easy to carry and lightweight for quick setup.
  5. Adjustable leg heights ensure great coverage at all times.
  6. The rail system comes with a universal screw and flat base that can easily secure any DSLR camera on top.
  7. Lock down the slider plate using it’s locking knob.
  8. Rubber padding helps avoid scratches.
  9. Bubble leveler helps ensure perfect alignment.

Moreover, the DSLR rail system is designed to help you achieve smooth movements when covering professional videography and photography. An upgraded system offers u-shaped ball bearings, these help ensure a smooth motion with minimum abrasion. With the help of its aluminum tubes, you can easily achieve a silent and stable setting when filming.

Additionally, there are two threaded holes at both ends which allow you to mount a tripod for vertical shooting. Furthermore, it’s user-friendly design calls for quick setup time, and can easily be added to your camera bag.


  • Material: Aluminium
  • Color: Black
  • Feature: Expandable
  • Platform: Flat Base
  • Screw: Universal Mount
  • Connection: 4 Side Screws
  • Length: 60cm to 120cm

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United States


60cm, 120cm, 80cm, 100cm

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